Brotherhood in Life - Veterans and Bikers

Brotherhood in Life - Veterans and Bikers

Brotherhood is born from reliance, from struggle and most importantly, through perseverance. In the military, this concept in known all too well. The trials and tribulations push individuals to their breaking points and ultimately, it is up to their team to keep them going. Many veterans develop a second family through their experiences in the military and it is this bond that is lacking once they return home. 

It is no surprise many vets are fond of Motorcycle Clubs once they return to civilian life. They are built on similar principles such as brotherhood, respect, and commitment towards a common goal. 

Check out some of the incredible VMC's around the country:

American Infidels VMC

This VMC is dedicated to the "American Way" and supporting our troops and veterans in many different facets of life. They host countless charity events across the country to better the lives of all Americans that cross their path. With chapters across the United States, this club knows what it means to serve this country and do everything they can to continue this service in every day life.

Warriors Brotherhood VMC

The Warriors Brotherhood VMC is dedicated to veterans helping veterans. This takes form in countless ways. From getting homeless vets off the streets to rebuilding houses in times of crisis, this brotherhood stands up to serve. The Warriors Brotherhood is there for the small things and the big moments in life. If you are a vet in need, reach out to your local chapter and they will be happy to assist you.

Check out this video and you can see the importance placed on giving back and how it has affected so many lives. 

U.S. Military Vets MC

Often forgotten is the mental toll the military leaves with you. Few can understand this burden and even fewer can help vets transition into civilian life. This VMC focuses on a sense of community and brotherhood for veterans. They recognize the void that is often left after returning home and hope to fill this hole. The support this club provides has saved many vets and will continue to save many more.    

Here at Long Ride Shields, we want to thank all that have served and their families. Also to all those VMC's and MC's that support our troops and veterans, your efforts do not go unnoticed. The work you do is incredible and we cannot thank you enough for helping those who have protected our nation so valiantly.

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