Holiday Giving - Bikers Edition

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Holiday Giving - Bikers Edition

The holidays are revered as a magical time filled with warm food and a sea of gifts but for many families, this isn't their reality. They claw and scrape together any money they have to provide just a good meal for their families and often times they aren't able to do that. That is where bikers come in. Motorcycle clubs, individual riders and local businesses all come together to help those struggling during the holiday season.

ABATE Bikers Provide Food and Clothing  

The holidays are all about giving back, and the American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) organization has been doing their part for over two decades. This holiday season they have delivered over $2,000 worth of food and clothing to the Acts 9 program, who serve over 600 families in Hagerstown, Maryland. The Washington County chapter director says supporting the people who need it the most never gets old. 

"They actually give what they need to give to the people that actually need it, it goes a long way to help everyone in the community, not just a few," said Director Tuck Koontz. 


Bikers Donate Blood


The POW*MIA Awareness Association is teaming with the American Red Cross to create awareness in the Pocatello community for the need of blood on December 13. Every two seconds in the United States someone is in need of blood. Donating blood is a gift that will not cost you anything except a little of your time. During this hectic time of year, the red cross asks you to take a moment to give a gift that more than 60 percent of the population could give, yet only 5 percent actually do. Be that special angel this year and donate. This group of bikers are set to provide the best gift this holiday season, the gift of life.


Raptors MC - Poker Run

 The Raptors Motorcycle Club hosted its 14th annual Poker Run to provide food and gifts to families in their local area. The MC has raised over $80,000 over the years and strives to raise more every year. They pride themselves on their ability to help when the community calls and plan to keep up their charity work for years to come.

Reno Toy Run



We saved the best for last! Right in our backyard was the 35th Annual Reno Toy Run benefiting many families in our area. Bikers statewide came together to raise over $15,000 and thousands of Christmas presents for those who are less fortunate. 

No matter what you ride, this is a reason to come together. We want to thank all the riders across the country that are doing incredible things to give back both locally and nationally. These efforts make a world of difference for those in need and we appreciate everything you do! 

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