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Rock'n and Rollin right into the Riding Season.

Rock'n and Rollin right into the Riding Season.

Everyone has that tune that reminds them of the open road. Whether it's banging out to hardcore metal through the canyons, soul searching through the forest, or surfing the U.S.A. up and down the coast. No matter what the occasion, we find a way to humble our selves and enjoy the freedom, that a Long Ride brings with it.


Over the years the evolution of music has been one of the most pleasuring experiences to have been a part of. It can easily be compared to one of the earliest forms of art. Music is known to be found in every known culture and religion. Dating back to B.C., there was always still that special sound, whether it be sticks banging on rocks, the simplicity of clapping one's hands, or a full-on musical orchestra in the year 2020, we have always found a way to entertain those around us through the rhythm of the beat.


Throughout history, the term “music” has become so much more than just something we think of listening too. It has completely changed the way we as people express feelings of emotion to one another. Through the mellow mood the blues brings, or the up-town funk that jazz brings out in everyone. Music has a way of allowing one to connect with themselves. Singing in the shower. Shaking them hips out on the dance floor. Lip Syncing to make the perfect TikTok for all our friends to laugh and enjoy too. We often find ourselves doing embarrassing things we would not ever do without the combination of music keeping us going.

It's not only the sounds that bring us back but the lyrics as well. We can all admit we are guilty of screaming our hearts out to at least one or two songs that move us on not only an emotional level but a spiritual one as well. Words paired with rhythm are one of the best pleasures for anyone, regardless of the occasion. Whether its music helping us get through our last of our workout, helping us wind down after a long day or something to set the mood for the ones we love. Everyone, in their own manner, enjoys the simples pleasure that music adds to our everyday life.

When it comes to the motorcycle community, music has a major impact on everything, from how we ride, to what we ride. Whether we are continuing to ride along with someone we lost. Music has a way of bringing us back to our happy place, of times of hope, accomplishment, and happiness.

Over the past few weeks, Long Ride Shields has been running a giveaway to our loyal fan base. We asked all of our riders to post that one special song that always reminds them of the open road. After a max capacity amount of songs suggested by you, we have decided to create the ultimate riding playlist.

Yes, be excited! Check out the “BEND WIND” playlist by Long Ride Shields on Spotify come this June 2020! If you want to add some riding songs, then comment them below and we will add them to your playlist! Thanks to all who entered for a chance to win!

The winner of the LRS Recurve Windshield Giveaway are:

Rob Mixon of Lake City Florida

Street Bob Huybers of San Angelo Texas



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