2018 Street Vibrations - Rally Recap

2018 Street Vibrations - Rally Recap

A roar could be heard throughout the city of Reno, NV as thousands of Harleys, Indians and Hondas arrived for one of the largest events of the year, Street Vibrations. Out came the leather, chrome and bad ass bikes as block after block was filled with thousands of people from all over the world. From crazy customs to pristine retro, grease monkeys lined up their bikes to let spectators marvel at the blood, sweat, and care put into each build.

This beautiful custom, with its electric yellow glow and incredible line work is sure to make any biker envious. The sleek paint job showcases the contours of the bike. Each curve has been perfectly accentuated to create one incredible piece of metal.

This bike is an instant classic. It brings you back to simpler times on your first motorcycle. You can say it, "they don't make 'em like they used to".

The retro look is making a real comeback and it's apparent why. The white wall tires and solid black and red coloring showcase the effortlessly stylish design. 

It's pretty obvious our favorite part of the rally was seeing our windshields on full display. Road Glides, Ultras, Electras and many more Harleys were rocking our premium recurve shields. It is great to see our customers enjoying a product we have put so much time and care into creating.

This silver bullet of a bike is perfectly accented with our Mega Curve shield. Although we do have one change... add trim to it and make the bike really pop!

Amongst the mass Harley population, we were able to find a black and chrome Indian bike sporting our shield. It is always great to see the diversity of bikes showcased at these events.

This year's event was one for the books. We were able to meet many different riders, swap stories and talk all things motorcycles. I don't think you can ask for a better weekend than that.

To all the great riders that were able to attend, we thank you for making Street Vibrations a memorable event and hope to see you next year! 

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