Long Ride Shields Top ten U.S. rides for your Harley

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Long Ride Shields Top ten U.S. rides for your Harley

The 2019 riding season is fast approaching, and many riders are starting to make their travel plans for some of the worlds best places to ride this spring, summer, and fall. With that said, we would like to make our suggestions for the trips you should make here in the United States. This list can be debated or better yet added on too but below are the top 10 rides for your Harley according to longrideshields.com.


Las Vegas Red Rock Route
10- Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada, Shorter ride but filled with some fantastic desert landscape of Red Rock Canyon. Best known for some of its hiking trails, this route shows you some killer scenery and great motorcycle roadways. If you are passing through Las Vegas on your bike, then you should take the quick detour to Red Rock. The name says it all Red Rock Canyon, the rocks formed over millions of years, getting their unique shape and color due to their geological makeup. The only limit to this ride is its short distance, only traveling 13-miles through the canyon, but what a ride it is.


The Twisted Sisters Ride, courtesy of Miguel FasensioPhoto by Miguel Fasensio

9- Twisted Sisters also know as the Three Sisters starts in Medina, TX, This route follows canyons and climbs jagged, steep hills in the great state of Texas. The course features many tight, twisty curves with sheer drop-offs alongside it, and not much in the way of guardrails. One 15-mile section of your trip you will battle up to 65 bends in the heart of the lone star state. A ride that is worth the trip and allows the rider to feel the freedom of the warm Texas air.


Beartooth path map
8- Beartooth Pass, Wyoming, Beartooth Highway is the section of U.S. Route 212 between Red Lodge, Montana and Cooke City, Montana. The rider will face a series of steep zigzags and switchbacks during their journey while traveling along the Montana-Wyoming border to the peak of 10,947 ft at Beartooth Pass. The elevation rise is in 12 miles of daring landscapes and allows its riders to enjoy the beautiful view of Yellowstone National Park. Without question, one of the top routes in North America and one to have on your bucket list.


Tunnel of Trees Michigan

Photo by Gretchen Dorian

7- Tunnel of Trees road, Michigan, the stretch of road called the M119 between Harbor Springs and Cross Village Michigan contains a scenic heritage highway also known as the "Tunnel of Trees." This ride includes narrow and winding streets with amazing belly-dipping hills as it follows the high bluffs of Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Taking this ride during the Fall months when the trees are changing colors is a must for any rider. The "Tunnel of Trees" is just under 30-miles following the state trunkline highway and located entirely within Emmet County, Michigan. 


Highway 50Photo courtesy of Campward Bound

6- Highway 50, "The Loneliest Highway in America," a local favorite for us here in Northern Nevada. The stretch of U.S. highway 50 going from Carson City, NV, all the way across the state to Ely, NV en route to the Great Basin National Park. This ride provides clear roads and explores the beauty of the Northern Nevada desert and mountains. The main feature to enjoy while traveling down this lonely path is the winding path across the Austin summit and the Humboldt-Toiybe National Forest. Shops all across this highway still provide stamps for the official Highway-50 Survival guide book. Rural Nevada has turned this historic stretch of highway into adventure within a road trip. Go to Travel Nevada to fully explore this ride.


Courtesy of Motocaching

5- US 50, The George Washington Highway, West Virginia, this historic highway provides twists and turns that could make any rider smile. Route US 50 features a 180-degree turn and several pit stops along the way that is worth a look. Your trip starts in the town of Grafton, WV from there you will head east through the western tip of Maryland and finally continuing to the small town of Mount Storm in West Virginia. The George Washington Highway ride is a 54-mile trip that only gets better with the season when the summer turns to fall and the trees begin to change color. 


Courtesy of orchardinn.com

4- Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina and Virginia, Blue Ridge Parkway takes you on a 469-mile journey through the Blue Ridge Mountains in the state of Virginia. This parkway is another ride best enjoyed during the Fall months with the scenic view of changing tree colors before winter. Travelers on this sweet piece of roadway can take the Parkway north out of the Roanoke Valley before making their way to Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive. Another option on the ride is to head south toward the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. Doesn't matter what direction works for you, they both provide that essential wow factor riders look for when they leave their homes to travel the open road once again. 


Courtesy of Action Montrose

3- San Juan Mountain Skyway, Colorado, designated as a National Forest Scenic Byway in September 1988 and later determined that the San Juan Mountain Skyway be named an All-American Road in September 1996. The route includes 233-miles of scenic views through the southwest part of the state of Colorado, traversing the heart of the San Juan Mountains. A ride like this calls for a camera to tag along, as you won't be able to take a lousy picture while visiting this beautiful mountain range — undoubtedly one of the top three rides in the good ol' USA.

Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

2- Needles Highway, South Dakota, Cruising on Needles Highway isn’t about getting to the next destination; it’s about taking your time and enjoying the fresh air and jaw-dropping scenery. This slow-speed byway will take around an hour to drive, and allows you to take the time to snap a few photos. According to visitrapidcity.com, there are some spectacular sites to see along the way to include: Legion Lake, Center Lake, the Cathedral Spires, and Sylvan Lake. The route itself shows the spirit of America as the roadway was deemed impossible to build, but due to some determined construction and engineering teams, the highway finished construction in 1922. The route is an impressive 14-mile stretch that includes sharp turns, narrow tunnels, granite spires, and world-class views.

1- Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, North Carolina, with 318 curves in 11-miles, this ride tops the list for most bikers looking for a challenging and fun route to take. It is considered “the destination” for thousands of motorcycle and sport car fans throughout the spring, summer, and fall, according to tailofthedragon.com. One reason that makes the Tail of the Dragon a great ride is part of the road travels down the southwestern border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Meaning there is no development along the 11-mile stretch, resulting in no danger of vehicles pulling out in front of those in the right of way. Making your way down this curvy gem is all about the ride, and not having to worry about the random cagers who aren't looking for your bike makes it all worth it. If you're looking for a ride this summer, taking the trip to North Carolina isn't just worth it but one road trip you will never forget.

That's our top 10 U.S. rides, and we're confident any of these trips would provide our fellow riders some lasting memories. Ride safe this season and if you collect any great stories from the road, share them with us. You can share your stories through our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You never know maybe we will meet on the road someday. If you need a windshield, check us out for the best quality and price!


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