Built By Bikers

For Bikers.

Our Story

Biker Built, it’s a slogan we live by. For most, this concept seems simple but to truly understand what Biker Built means you have to understand the depth that it runs. Biker Built is a mindset, a way of living, it’s something you understand solely through embodiment.  

Our slogan, "Biker Built", calls to the idea of becoming who you are through motorcycles. We are shaped by the road, shaped by the community and shaped by each other.  We understand the true prize lay not in the destination but the journey. It molds and forms us into someone greater, a better person, friend, and partner. We applaud all those that live the Biker Built lifestyle and encourage you to join our family. 

Bikers and Engineers Meet

Our company brings together both riders and engineers to create products that enhance your ride. Our team bridges the gap between what bikers want and what engineers can bring to life. We firmly believe riders should be the driving force behind our products and continually use your input for our newest creations. 

Creating Premium Products

Our focus is to create premium products on the market. We believe anything that goes on your bike must be the highest quality. It is for this reason, we use the best optical grade material on the market to create our Recurve windshields. 

What Our Customers Say

I ordered a 9" shield for my MS Batwing and it turned out I measured wrong. When I contacted them to purchase a replacement, they were kind enough to wave the fee for a taller windshield and express ship my shield. Also, their products are extremely high quality and I will be using them on every motorcycle in the future.


Real Riders – Real Solutions

Our company prides itself on the fact that we are real bikers dedicated to solving problems on the road. Our team has been through it all, we know the trials and tribulations when riding and work every day to create a product that will ease the woes of riders everywhere.

American Made - Biker Built

Every LRS product is produced in Sparks, Nevada by fellow bikers on American made machines. Quality is the foundation of Long Ride Shields and we believe in keeping our products made right here in the USA!