Long Ride Shields Authorized Dealer Portal

Hello Dealers, 

Long Ride Shields would like to thank you for your interest in wanting to participate in our Authorized Dealer Program.

We at Long Ride Shields believe that every biker deserves a wind-free ride. Our "Recurve" windshields help with wind buffeting, wind noise and vibrations. 

With the partnerships of Long Ride Shields and our dealers, we are able to accomplish this goal in a way that satisfies the needs of our riders. 

If you are a new dealer, we ask that you please download our New Dealer Questionnaire and Contact Information Form, fill it out, and email it too sales@longrideshields.com. Please Note: If you are signing up with the LRS Authorized Dealer Program, you will be required to provide us with your Business Resellers License issued through your state of business.

For current Authorized Dealers, please log in to the portal below.

Always remember to Ride Safe and Ride Free,

LRS Sales 

LRS Product Catalog : Download Here

New Dealer and Contact Form : Download Here

Our Incentive Program:

Windshield Sales   
5 Physical Copy of the LRS Catalog 
25 5 LRS Bend Wind T Shirts for Dealers Team
50 LRS Windshield Giveaways for Fundraiser of Dealer Choice
100 Become an Authorized LRS "Test Shield" Dealer

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