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Dealership Demo Package

What's In The Box:

  • 1 Slat Wall Mounted Display Rack
  • 1 Slat Wall Mounting Hooks
  • 1 LRS™ 11"x17" Counter Pad
  • 1 6" Light Tint Polycarbonate - Mega Curve Windshield (M3PLT06)
  • 1 8" Dark Tint Polycarbonate - Mega Curve Windshield (M3PDT08)
  • 1 8" Dark Tint Polycarbonate - Stingray Windshield (SRPDT08)
  • 1 10" Light Tint Polycarbonate - Stingray Windshield (SRPLT10)

How To Install Your Shield Display Rack:

  1. Place the slat wall hooks into your display wall. Space them to fit the two small holes on either side of the rear handle of your display rack.

  2. Line up the display rack with the slat wall hooks by tilting it upward with the handle side (back side) against the wall. Once aligned drop it so the back is flush against the wall and the slat wall hooks fall into place with the mounting holes on the rack.

  3. The rack is up, now fill it with shields! You will want the tallest and widest shield in the back so start with the 10" Light Tint Stingray, followed by the 8" Stingray, 8" Ultra, and finally the 6" ultra in the front. Don't forget to remove the protective plastic before adding shields to the rack.

Mounting An LRS™ Shield:

Our shields are made to fit as a replacement for your stock shield. Included in your dealer demo kit are windshields for Harley-Davidson batwing and shark nose fairing equipped bikes, years 2014 and newer. You will want to torque them down to NO MORE THAN 30 inch/pounds when installing them. To request demo shields for other models or years, or if you have any issues, please give us a CALL

How To Order:

Once you've signed up for a dealer account, you will be assigned a specific tag for dealer pricing. In order to keep your pricing your will need to stay up to date on your licensing and reseller certificates. Once you are in our system as a dealer, you can use our simple 1 page, quick order system. You can find our quick order page using the link below. You must be logged in to your account or the account associated with your dealership before placing your order.


Useful Information and Links:

Measurement Guides
Polycarbonate Stress Test
Frequently Asked Questions

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