Recurve Design

Included in all our Shields

Highest Optical Grade Material

Rider safety is our main concern and we want our riders to feel confident on their bikes. We use the highest grade material on the market for a crystal clear view. Our polycarbonate shields are made from the same material as prescription glasses to ensure a clear and safe ride.

Combat Buffeting & Provide Wind Protection

Our windshields make your ride more comfortable. The wind is a brutal enemy on the road and buffeting leads to rider fatigue. Our Recurve windshields provide maximum protection from the elements by throwing the air up and over your head allowing for longer riding.

A Clearer View

Our custom engineered Recurve was designed specifically to give you a crystal-clear view, free of distortion. Our innovative design, high-quality optical material, and multiple quality checks ensure you see the road like never before.

What Our Customers Say

These windshields work great. The recurve helps alot with buffeting and the vent feels good when its a warm day. I definitely would recommend this for quality and function not to mention good customer service.


Easy install and looks great! Lower profile than factory shield, but the 16" shield performs just as well as the 21" H-D shield. Bike looks great with light tint and smaller shield.


See Above and Beyond

Whether you are looking over or through, our Recurve design sends the air up and over your head. This allows for a shorter shield while increasing wind protection.

Hand Formed - American Made

We firmly believe that a top quality product requires a human touch. For this reason, every LRS windshield is hand formed in Sparks, Nevada by fellow bikers on American made machines. Quality is the foundation of Long Ride Shields and we believe in keeping our products made right here in the USA!