Recurve Design

Included in all our Shields

Protection from Buffeting, Turbulence, and Wind Vibration

LRS Recurve Windshields are designed to protect the rider from all of the unwanted road hazards and spontaneous climate changes we experience out on the pavement everyday. The LRS Recurve combats the wind by throwing it up and over the rider, allowing for optimal protection against these elements. LRS Recurve Windshields give you longer riding times, better stereo calrity, the ability to have a conversation with your passenger for 2UP riding and much much more!

Sleek Look with Fierce Style

With an LRS Recurve Windshield you will not only have protection, but style as well. With the addition of a Long Ride Shield, your front end will be standing out in a crowd and having all your fellow riders complimenting you on your Hawgs presentation. With various tinting options, Long Ride Shields will offer the best variety for your bike to make sure it stays looking classy or mean.

Highest Grade Windshield Material

LRS Recurve Windshields are made from the best performing material you can find. Our Acrylic Windshields are made with an impact-modifier then glazed with a glass coating. This allows for a more brownish/ blueish tint that compliments the darker colors our riders have on their bikes. Our Elite Series Windshields are made out of the new Polycarbonate material which has a chrome / smoke tint to them. Furthermore Polycarbonate has been proven to be much more reliable and durable than acrylic, but also is known to be shatterproof and scratch resistant. We want our riders to have a safe trip, and these materials give them exactly that. 

What Our Customers Say

I ordered the Reaper for my Limited and was hoping for improvement over the factory shield. I got what I was hoping for. I got the shield and test mounted it even with the protective wrap on it. It lined up perfectly. Removed the wrap and mounted it right up wit no issues at all. I took the bike out for a ride and instantly could feel the difference between the factory shield and the Reaper. I ordered the 8 inch Reaper and it's a perfect shield. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you LRS. Keep up the good work.

Ken Wood

I ordered the wrong hight taka for my gl 1800 and James at long rides was so good to exchange it. I just paid shipping back to them. I just put the new 22 inch one on and wheat for a long ride. I must say I love the shield. It kicks the air up higher then the OEM and I could even hear my stereo clearer.
Good customer service and a good shield. I am happy with my choice. Dale parsons.

Dale Parsons

Easy install and looks great! Lower profile than factory shield, but the 16" shield performs just as well as the 21" H-D shield. Bike looks great with light tint and smaller shield.


I have had a number of their shields on my 2010 CVO Streetglide (8" mega curve currently) and ince I put the heated seat on it I noticed I should have purchased a 9" shield for it to replace the old 8" Now on my CVO limited I have a 9" mega curve as well as a 10 reaper which I use for winter riding and it does not have as much curve as the Mega curve. So next year when they put everything on sale it seems like starting from November until the first of the year I will purchase another one just an inch taller as I'm 5"11, but upper body tall and I would like the cold air to go over my head and not it the top of it. Again if you have questions call customer support and as questions. They have been great helping me out.


These windshields work great. The recurve helps alot with buffeting and the vent feels good when its a warm day. I definitely would recommend this for quality and function not to mention good customer service.


Windshield Height and Placement

With an LRS Recurve Windshield, you are given the ability to get a shorter than normal windshield. LRS Recurve Windshields are made to be looked over not through. We don't want to add another obstruction to your view, which the LRS Recurve gives us the ability to make sure you always are able to look over the shield and see the road in front of you. We want the top of one of our windshields to sit at the riders mustache level (In between the upper lip and the base of the nose). It is in this position that the rider will receive optimal protection from the elements, and not have it sitting directly in the riders line of sight. 

Built By Bikers, For Bikers..

We are heavy believers that bikers know what other bikers want. That is why we have compiled a team of engineers, formers and salespersons that know the true meaning of what it means to be a biker. Thoughts of the open road go into all of our LRS Products, and are engineered for the optimal riding experience. We are located in Reno Nevada (The home for Street Vibrations), where some of the most calming and enjoyable rides can be found all around us. If you are ever in the area, give us a call and come on down and we will give you a tour of our facility and show you exactly what we mean by the by the bikers touch.