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NEVER SAY DIE and other motorcycle history: Long Ride Shields' Adventure at the American Motorcycle Association Museum

NEVER SAY DIE and other motorcycle history: Long Ride Shields' Adventure at the American Motorcycle Association Museum


Embarking on a road trip isn't just about the journey; it's about the experiences, the sights, and the stories that unfold along the way. Long Ride Shields, a leading manufacturer of windshields for touring motorcycles, recently had an exhilarating adventure that perfectly encapsulated this spirit. As part of a team-building road trip, members of Long Ride Shields visited the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) Museum, where they were immersed in a world of motorcycle history, innovation, and the enduring spirit of riders. In this blog post, we'll delve into the exciting displays at the museum and shine a spotlight on the awe-inspiring tale of Dave Barr and his "Never Say Die" ride around the world, which resonated deeply with the team from Long Ride Shields.

Exploring Motorcycle Legacy

The American Motorcycle Association Museum, located in Pickerington, Ohio, is a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts and history buffs alike. As the largest motorcycle museum in the United States, it showcases a vast collection of motorcycles, artifacts, and memorabilia that trace the evolution of motorcycling through the years. The museum boasts an impressive array of exhibits that highlight the passion, innovation, and diversity of the motorcycle world.

The Heart of the Museum: Dave Barr's "Never Say Die" Ride

One of the most captivating and emotionally charged displays at the AMA Museum revolves around Dave Barr's extraordinary journey known as the "Never Say Die" ride around the world. Dave Barr, a former U.S. Marine and professional motorcycle racer, embarked on an unimaginable adventure after a landmine explosion in Central America left him a double amputee. Determined to prove that physical limitations couldn't suppress his spirit, Barr set out on an epic journey riding a specially modified Harley-Davidson sidecar rig.

For the team from Long Ride Shields, witnessing Barr's perseverance and triumph was an incredibly moving experience. As a company deeply rooted in the world of touring motorcycles, they were struck by the unwavering dedication and resilience displayed by Barr throughout his journey. His story served as a reminder that the open road is not just a physical path but a metaphor for overcoming challenges and conquering adversity.

A Reflection of Long Ride Shields' Mission

The visit to the AMA Museum held particular significance for Long Ride Shields. As a company that creates windshields designed to enhance the comfort and safety of motorcycle touring, the museum offered a unique perspective on the historical context of their work. Exploring the evolution of motorcycle designs, technologies, and the role windshields have played over the years provided valuable insights for the Long Ride Shields team. It reaffirmed their commitment to crafting high-quality products that contribute to the enjoyment and safety of riders on their journeys.



The road trip to the American Motorcycle Association Museum proved to be more than just a fun adventure for the team at Long Ride Shields—it was an enriching experience that deepened their connection to motorcycle history and the passion that drives riders around the world. Exploring the museum's displays and witnessing Dave Barr's remarkable "Never Say Die" ride served as a powerful reminder of the resilience, determination, and spirit that define the motorcycle community. Long Ride Shields continues to be inspired by this experience as they work to create innovative products that enhance the riding experience for touring motorcyclists everywhere.

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast or someone who's passionate about the open road, the AMA Museum is a must-visit destination that will undoubtedly leave you inspired by the stories of those who have journeyed far and wide on two wheels. And for Long Ride Shields, this memorable road trip was a reminder that their work goes beyond windshields—it's about supporting the adventurous spirit that drives riders to explore new horizons.

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