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Old Is Cool!

Old Is Cool!

THE QUEST TO FIND AMERICA'S OLDEST BIKER BAR…. and a visit to the Rip Rap Roadhouse

On a recent thrilling adventure to Ohio to drive the TRIPLE NICKEL(HWY 555), Team Long Ride Shields had the privilege of exploring a true gem of biker culture: a historic and captivating biker bar. As dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts, stumbling upon such a classic establishment was an absolute delight for our team. This experience sparked a fascinating question in our minds: Where can one find America's oldest biker bar?
The esteemed establishment we had the pleasure of visiting is called the Rip Rap Roadhouse, located in Dayton, Ohio. Originally built as a barn in 1853, this biker bar has stood the test of time, serving everything from their renowned house-brewed beer to the mouthwatering delights of McNasty's Famous Burgers. The Rip Rap Roadhouse's architectural charm left us in awe, with its original stone walls supported by timber frames dating back over 170 years. These frames were expertly crafted from the very trees that once adorned the land on which the bar stands, lending it a truly legendary atmosphere.
The owner's dedication to preserving the spirit of biking history is evident in the vintage Indian motorcycles showcased at the bar, all of which are impeccably maintained and in working order. Additionally, the Rip Rap Roadhouse proudly serves as a stopover for the annual cannonball run, further cementing its significance within the biker community. We wholeheartedly invite anyone with the opportunity to visit them and indulge in their impressive menu.
Returning to our initial query, we now pose the challenge to our readers: Where is America's first biker bar? Long Ride Shields is on a mission to uncover this remarkable piece of history. Think you have the answer? Share a photo of your visit to America's oldest biker bar, and Long Ride Shields will reward one lucky winner with a special surprise. Get ready to embark on a quest that will intertwine your name with the legends of the open road. 
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